i was walking in the woods one night when i heard an odd sound. it was a loud SNAPPING sound. but i dismissed it because it was probably just someone chopping down trees... but then i thought "why would someone be chopping down trees at this time?" it just didn't make sense. then, a few minutes later. i could have sworn a heard someone screaming. no. not one but multiple people screaming, but then it went quiet. i saw a shed not to far from where i was. my gut told me not to but i went towards the shed. the windows where boarded up, and there was an odd smell coming from inside. i when in and inside it was completely black. i looked around trying to find the light switch. but then i tripped on something... it felt oddly warm... and it felt like it was breathing... i couldn't get up... i twisted my ankle and now i was stuck in the dark... but then the lights turned on. the room was fully illuminated... revealing a hole bunch of dead bodies just strewn across the room... and then i saw him... a man covered in blood starring at me... and he had an axe in his hands...

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