I love Ren and Stimpy.I love the show soooooooooooo much.But there's one thing missing.IT'S!NOT!AN!ANIME!!! I AM AN HUUUUUGE FAN OF ANIME ALSO,WHY CAN'T I HAVE BOTH?!?Well,one day,my wish came ture.I was walking my way down town,When I came across an VHS tape on the raod.Curious about what oddities this thing held,I jumped onto the road.Fortunatly,i survived.(I am definatly not immortal)I grabbed the VHS tape and ran home.I sat down to look at the VHS,written in black sharpie were the words "Ren and Stimpy anime:pilot episode",there was also a white rectangular sticker on the VHS,featuring 2 anime boys that caught my eye.The 1 on the left had a slender physicue and blonde and spiky hair with tan skin,a sharp chin,pink eyes, and dog ears.He was wearing an yellow scarf and a yellow sweater,he looked very handsome.The guy on the right had a round face,dark red and neet hair,pale skin,kawaii eyes,blue eyes,and cat ears.He was wearing a blue collor and an red shirt.I reconized the guy on the lef as ren and the guy on the right as stimpy.

(WARNING:SEGMENT IS NSFW,I RECOMMEND SKIPPING IF YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SEXY CONTENT)I started having fantasies,i woke up to Ren and stimpy sleeping in my bed.Then,they turned around and asked "hey Babe,wanna fuk?I said yes,I spread my legs for the two kinky bastards.Then,they got down on thier knees.Ren started shoving his THICC cock up my vagina,all the while stimpy was french kissing me and both were moaning in spanish at the same time.Then,they both orgasmed beautifully.Stimpy's semen got on my face,I licked it off in pleasure.

Then,I woke up from my fantasy on the couch with the VHS still in my hand.I placed the VHS in my convient VHS player.Fortunetly there were no trailers,the tape just skipped to the menu(I wish DVD's would start doing that),The menu was just a black screen with the X-Files theme song playing in the backround.There was only one option:play,so I clicked on it.The episode started with Ren and Stimpy watching dragon ball z.The first thing I noticed was that Ren and stimpy looked exactly like they did on the sticker,down to the minor detials,the second thing I noticed was that the animation was choppier than speed racer's animation,much to my disapointment.Then ren started talking,his voice sounded deep and soothing.Ren spoke in japanese though convienietly,there were english subtitled that said "so stimpy,what are we gonna do about DAT frieza bas-*gunshot*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!MY F#CKING CHEST!"Ren said as a bullet went through his chest.Stimpy crid in a kawai desuuuuuuuuuuuu voice "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!REN-KUN PLS DON'T LEAVE ME!"I was crying at this point,ren was my favorite charcter.Ren said "Stimpy,go kill that frieza basterd...and his piece of crap of a son..."before he DED.Then,stimpy ran out the door of his and screamed "FRIEZA YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS!!"

Then,he whipped out his magik rocket boot and flew to universe 7and joining him were astro boy,tm doraemon,tm monkey D. luffy,tm goku,tm shrek,tm ash ketchum,tm sailor moon,tm and barry B. benson from bee movie Then they encountered frieza who said to them "welcome...TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!" as he one-punched shrek in the gonads then got back up and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MAH SWAMP!?!??!?!" as he ran up to frieza but Stimpy stopped him and said "No shrek we won't get anywhere with punches & kicks we need to go SUPER SAIYAN!" Then the 9 heroes started screaming for 30 seconds,as they screamed,their hair slowly turned gold yellow and spiky but when they finished frieza was joined by emo goku,porn shrek,baldi from baldi's basics,tinky-winky from slendytubbies,sonichu,ben drowned,pinkamena diane pie,and sonic.exe,all eight of whom were also super saiyans,inlcuding frieza.then they got into a badass anime fight!many people died,until the only ones standing were Stimpy and frieza.Stimpy was tired from all the fighting,looking like he was about to collapse.Frieza garbbed him by the throat,Stimpy began to cough up blodd.BUT THEN THE ILLUMINATI CAME AN KILLED FRIEZA BY SHOOTING HIM TRIPPLE TIMES WITH HIS AK 47 FRIEZA SCREAMED "NO!NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!11!! THEN HE WAS DED.THE ILLUMINATI SAID TO STIMPY "I'll bring you're friends back to life if you make out with me!!!".STIMPY AGGREED AND THEY BANGED.WHEN STIMPY CAME BACK TO EARTH ALL OF HIS FRIENDS WERE BACK TO LIFE AND THEY GOT DRUNK AND HAD AN ORGY! now if you excuse me,i'm gonna go jump off a cliff to see if it all was just a dream.

It wasn't a dream.