how fucked up alexanda gremlinEdit

one day alexanda was looking in the mirror when he noticed that he had a strange erection that he couldn't understand, he when to his dad and asked if he was going to be okay and his dad replied that he had a serious problem which was drastically not an issue for alexanda as he decided to get all SHREK style on his dads arsehole.

that same day his dad committed suicide as he didn't want to have the memory of what happened warlier that day and alexanda didn't even care, his mother had noticed something about alexanda as well but she didn't say anything. later on during the night alexanda then tied up his mum and began SHREKING her in every hole she had from the eear to the nose to the vagina. she had died after alexanda had finished as she couldn't take the pain or the size of his dick.

alexanda then became an orphan but decided to kill himself as he didn't want to continue life knowing what he had done so he decided to take part in SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE and died shortly after being abused by SHREK himself.

and that's the end of alexanda gremlin and his victims
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this is alexanda gremlin

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