I used to love angry birds but not anymore not scence what happened on that day. It was on a monday before angry birds 2 was realeased. I looked up the youtube channel called Angry Birds to see if any new Angry Birds Toons came out. On the youtube channel I saw a trailer for Angry birds 2. I was so exitited I checked the app store to download Angry Birds 2. It was on the app store. I decided to download it. It looked like the normal angry birds game screen but the backround was black and on the ground looked like blood. When I pressed the play screen instead of a menu screen it tooked me right there. The birds in this level were Red Terence and Mighty Eagle. I scratched my head because you have to buy the Mighty Eagle. So i launched Mighty Eagle and instead of the cheering I heard screaming like someone being injured and hyper realistic blood went on the screen. I decided to stop playing and contacted Rivio, Rivio replyed that they did not released the game yet. I deleted the app just then. Later it was time for me to go to bed. I couldn't go to sleep because i heard a noise that sounded like someone died in pain. Later I looked at my bed and I saw Terence staring with me with black souless eyes. He then dissapeared. So now he is staring like that to me I AM GONNA DIE HELP M...... "Next time you will die"

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