Oc do nut stel

there was a girl named ashley. she wAS 13 years old and had black and fushica hair when 2 man girls bullied her and hit her. she always liked to read creepypasta like jeff the killer. she had wet dreams about him and red his story alot of times she had a shrine of him and hoped to meet him someday and wanted to be just lik him. so one day she went to school and brought a knif to school. when she got there she saw the girls and they called her stupid and kicked her. so she took out her knifes and stab the girls to death and said "go to sleep" she said that because she wanted to be just like jeff. so after school she got home and her mom and dad weren't home so she convienently saw bleach and vodka next to the door. but befor she put the bleech and vodka to use she changed into a tiny shirt and skirt, tights,and high heel shoes. then she got a box of matches that she found on the ground and she dump the bleech and vodka on her head then lit herself on fire then she herd a firetruck coming. later she Woke up in a hospital and she had white sken then later she went home and cut her mouth and burned her eyelids.

later she went to the forest that was nex to her house and she went on her serch for jeff the killer.

News report:

Ashley Smith was missing from her house and 2 girls wer e killed by ashley if you see her call the police shes very dangerous

later ashley was walking through a forest and feel a hand on her sholder. she turned around and saw jeff! hello ashley jeff said ashley blushed hi she said then jeff kissd her and 1 year later ashley gave birth and her and jeff name the baby sonic and the baby was sonic.exe the end dont steel my oc pls mak fanart