It was a late night, stormy, rainy, BOOM! was the sound that the loud lightning made. Johnathan was still awake at 10:00 at night. "Ugh why am i eating ceral at 10 o clock at night?" as Johnathan was poring cereal into a bowl "WAIT A MINUTE!! MY MILK IS....IS..." poisined? no it was 2% MALK! "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh hay look the 1% malk. ITS OK!" well maybe it was poisoned but he didnt die in the next 10 seconds or the next 10 minutes or the next hou.... oh nevermind.

Johnathan wnt to his favorite website... Pornhu- NO YOUTUBE! So he went to youtube and looked up HoodoHoodlumsRevenge but then knocks on his door made him stopp his video and open the door... well he tempted to, but he did because he has nothing in the top of his head, when he opend the door he knew who it was! It was Sally Salamander! There was a paper warining people about her, it said she did bad crimes, Johnathan was never herd of, from? oh whatever. he was never heard from again! But there was so much blood! His face was cover in blood so was his entire bodie! Soooooooooooooooooooo much blood! BLood.... Bloody blood