• Dafanimator

    i wanna make a crappypasta about that troll super minecraft kid

    i want it to be a parody of sonic.exe

    any suggestions would be really helpful


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  • ShadowBonnieGamer101 The REAL guy

    i am going to make a crappypasta based on me and my friends. it is a terrible version of Abandoned by Disney. kthxbai.

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  • Bobdaboi

    mario snes

    March 29, 2017 by Bobdaboi


    I was on ebay browsing the site and I saw a post for a snes with super Mario world and it cost 1 cent I counted bevlive it a snes with a game I emitly buy it and after a few seconds after buying it they was a knock on my door I opened my door and they was a box I took the box and opend it it was the snes with the Mario game but the game looked odd the lable was missing and with black marker someone worte Mario on it I dident care I plug the snes into the wall and put the game into the snes it loaded it everything was noemal intill I died Mario scream in a realistic way that hart my ears  my turned down my tv volume but when Mario died I still heard the scream ii just ignored it I just thought it was a glitch when I got …

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  • Spring4000

    a quick question

    January 12, 2017 by Spring4000

    Are there rules here?

    I'm just asking,if there are I will make sure to follow them all

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  • JaneNeedsssADoctor

    When I was in 8th grade I discovered Creepypasta and boy, did I make some crap. So here I am and hopefully my stories will one day make it here for all to enjoy. I'm also on the CreepyPasta wiki, where I may end up posting stories with at least a little more integrity. All in all, I hope that whatever ends up here will be enjoyed by you as much as it is by me.

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  • Tauren.valenti

    Joe Mamma

    March 30, 2014 by Tauren.valenti

    Joe Mamma is actually called,

    Yo mamma! 

    So one day,

    A kid named Joe went to school, and asked his friend, Bob, a question. "What does the Fox say?" Bob replied, "Uhhh, JOE MAMMA!" Everyone at school laughed. He kept getting Joe Mamma jokes, everyday. These include, Joe's Mamma so fat, etc, etc, jokes.

    Then, Joe had enough. He KILLED everyone in the whole entire school! So, whoever says a reply to a question with Joe Mamma 400 times in two weeks, not including Sunday, and Saturday, and says Joe's Mamma is so, whatever your gonna say, 18 times too, and he knows about it. Your gonna die........

    That's why people say, Yo mamma! now, and not Joe Mamma!

    The End.

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