So one day I was watching TV, when I saw a box that appeared in my lap 10 hours ago. I wondered why my mother hadn't killed me because she hates me to fart on her good couch. I decided to open the 10 ton box than was now crushing my pelvis, which I only hoped that could happen if I had snu-snu with giants. I opened it up and it was a game labeled: Life Smoogle. I was like, 'WTF?', but I realized it was some sort of weird pirated game or some crap that was probably Korean or some crap. I put it in my computer disc slot, which didn't work, since it was a PS2 game. So I put it in my DS and started it up.

It turned out that it was Cave Story in Viet Nam or however the F*retruck you spell that ( sorry you had to read that mom.). I was like, 'DUCKS ON BREAD!'. I started it up. There was a guy with a minigun saying, 'WHO DARES TO FIGHT THE HOOVY?' I licked the screen with disgust. I noticed that there was an egg that was coming out his butt, that turned into Shrek. I got turned on somehow. Mainly because he is love, and he is life. 

I was getting a bit weirded out. How could I play as Shrek in a classic Cave Story game, for crying out loud? I barfed in the box for no apparent reason. No, seriously. I just puked. I think my gag reflexes are seriously messed up. I then saw what I believe to be a devil, demon, 666, evil, 2012 apocalypse version of Quote. I looked at him and prayed to ceiling cat that he didn't puke murder. He did. I've became a athiest.

I realized he might kill Shrek, so I screamed, 'NO LLAMA, NO!' Quote looked at me with an expression that said to me: 'I AM GOD'. It didn't affect me as much, mainly because I'm now an athiest. I decided that I must take serious action, so I grabbed a AK-47. I jumped into my screen. I found myself face-to-face with the evil Quote. He shot blood out of his eyes at me. I retaliated with a shot of my gun. He took 999999 dmg and died.

I woke up from the dream I'd been having since I'd been unconsious from trying to jump into a freaking game screen. It said that I defeated Quote and won! I was so glad! Then I heard a noise behind me. Well, actually I didn't, because Quote can't talk, but I looked behind me and there was a Quote action figure with blood under his eyes. I said, 'Just a normal Wednesday.'