U wont beelive this but trust me- its reel unliek anee creepypastor youv seen, It all storted of in Pundlond wear I get creapy gaem and the saller sed it’s evol nd belanged to Jeff the Kelog and his pet Sanic.mpreg who was gregnant with Slinder mons babby. The cellar seys “bewaer of the game, Sunky is REAL” and my bref hiches. I had bort the gaym with the monie I got from my dad Tiki Toby. He was a gud daddy haha.

I was a killer just loke hime and I decisded to kill the casheer for no reezon, when questionde I sayd- The creepy LASAGA and the CRASTY RALL told me too. I were sent to a looney bin and kept under Snonics loving watch. He gets my pregnort with his bagette. Also Markiplier was their and 72 vorgins who were sacretly the course of eretile disfuncsion. Eventially I browke aut of prisan an wos still pragananant I yoused my weggie bored to coll on the sporits.

They’re were smiledoge ad the russion sliep experimant guy in my hed and they sed- Kill everywon… KILL KILL KILL! Bewaer the hypar-realystic ouzing blud, guts ad those whait eyes with blud-red poupils sweaty… So I killed everywun in the town and den I wus gaving borth in you’re brasement. If you’d heer groawns in ur barsement Im bregnant and gaving berth so come down. I might joust kill greet you. Just so you /now my name is… your mom.

(P.S- What’s eretile desfuncsion?)


I wrote it then put it on the creepypasta website and I decided to put it here, I hope you all have fun reading this... 'masterpiece' (Feel free to edit this pasta how you wish, it's a free pasta) - Bobthebob11