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for now this will be the main page (i just found it all messed up) but if you find out what the original page looked like that would be awesome!Edit

  • new page 69
    created by AetherZ 1 day ago
    New page: 69 is my favorite number
  • new page Jimmy
    created by AetherZ 5 days ago
    New page: Father slapped jimmy, jimmy slapped bobby, bobby slapped john, john slapped Marie, Marie slapped Timmy, timmy slapped billy, billy slapped Ashton....
  • edit User:CGNothsa
    edited by Harambe777 5 days ago diff
  • categorization User:CGNothsa
    edited by Harambe777 5 days ago diff
    Added photo:
  • new page TheLegend27
    created by Harambe777 5 days ago
    New page: They say the legend 27 can make milk faster than your mom did THELEGEND27
  • new page Big Smoke
    created by Harambe777 5 days ago
    New page: One time I was in my house and I hear, "YOU PICK THE WRONG HOUSE FOOOO!" and he got his baseball bat and started hitting me while saying, "I'll have...
  • new page Winston hi there
    created by A Fandom user 5 days ago
    New page: One time Winston said "Hi there." to Lucio and he said, "Hello, hello!"
  • new page Dat boi
    created by CGNothsa 5 days ago
    New page: Here comes dat boi o waddup he be rollin to the beat he be rollin down the street reapeat
  • categorization John gets fired up
    edited by Spring4000 6 days ago diff
    Added categories: Shock Ending, DAFUQ IS YO PROBLEM MUDDAFUGGAH? CAN"T YOU TYPE?

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  • new page John gets fired up
    created by Spring4000 6 days ago
    New page: One day at the mew mew cafe the mew mews were working like usual when a humanoid tiger walked in. He appeared to be playing a mobile game,the game...

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