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Weird spongey


Welcome to the CrappypastaWikiEdit

Welcome to the Crappypasta Wiki! If you do not know what a Crappypasta is, it's basically a pasta written by a ten year old who obviously has no sense of spelling and/or grammar! The rules are simple:

no scary music or videos

no vandalizing ocs

no making ocs

If you have a question message me: 0x31pxFireurchin Destroyer of worldsRome Shield 00:44, May 13, 2014 (UTC)

and please, if you want to make a not so scary pasta be sure to go to this site


It never gets old huh?


DIS EES SOOH SCAREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just makes you wanna

Break into song?


I love trollpastas

I love when patrickxxx flies

I love celestia

I love when legends die

I love this wiki

It's such a stupid place

boom de ya da

boom de ya da

boom de ya da

boom de ya da

News and UpdatesEdit

From now on, there will be an honour system. If anyone makes a bad pasta, I'll try to make it better. The fails of the month will still be up, but this is how the pastas are going to be arranged from now on:

Really good pastas: I'll favourite them and see if I can make them more popular.

Average pastas: I'll leave them be

Meh pastas: I'll let the readers decide on that one

Terrible pastas: I'll make them fails of the month

Horrible pastas: I'll delete the content of the pasta and replace it with my own OC

Pastas that are so mind numbingly ridiculous, they make me want to find the authors and skin them alive with an accomplished look on my face, then proceed to paint the walls of my house with their internal organs: What the title says


John's Journal

Day 1: oh shit, I feel like someone's after me,

Day 2: just kidding

Ghost Sandwich

So guys one day my mom made big meaty sandwiches for lunch and i ate my turkey sandwich and then obviously the ghost of the turkey sandwich possed my mom's ham sandwich and then the sandwich started flying and it ate my hair out and and i was bald and it killed my cat and now it flies around shooting people in the arse with a BB gun And it eats animails and makes sure blood goes eeeeeeeverywhere and it also soaks bird blood in its bread and goes over people and wrings blood in their head.

the pillow

fucked me hard

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