One day Dora was getting sick and tired of that stupid fox's bullshit so she went crazy and became a killer and cut her cheeks and is now schizophrenic. She stabbed everyone including that creepy ass backpack and the map that is incapable of shutting up, while yelling "YOU BETRAYED ME, JUST LIKE JEFF'S PARENTS DID!" They didn't know who Jeff was so she got angry and killed everyone. Their voices now haunt her as she lives in slendermans mansion. The map haunts her singing:

"Now I'm dead

Now I'm dead

Now I'm dead

Now I'm dead

Now I'm dead!"

She is also dating everyone including the dog. And the lamp from The Amazing Lamp; that movie I made about the lamp. And even though she lives in a house full of fucking cold, I humane murderers, she lives there with everyone else like its a huge, happy family. And everyone gets along and everything is all fine and dandy.


Written by Maddy and Claudia

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