hello everybody i got a fidget spinner at a yard sale and the person sell it was old an he said: uh, bewarb, it is an evil spinny fidget. i said shut up u old man u just hate fidget spinner i like them i am 10 years old lolol so i bought spinny fidget with 69 dollars an took it home. i spun and spun and spun, an blood cam out of the ceiling i thought it was a glitch. i went to bed.

later that nit i woken up at 3 A.M and i herd spinnin i said WTFFFFFWTFFFFWTFFFF

it was the most spook. i walk down my stairs an i see ghost girl spin spinner fidge and she look at me an said BOO


i woke up at 69 A.M an i thinked it was dream so i was happy

an then a skeleton popped out