Once a upon a time my friend of mine gave me a sega gemesis, and gave me the cartridge of sonic the hedge hog 1 for the sega master system, but oddly it wrked in the Gemesis on the cartidge it was ripped and on the cartridge was just the name Sonic. i pluggd the catridge in the console and pressed the butt and the game started with a hyper realistic bloody sonic scream, these was really weird because the music is usually you know da da da da da da but know it was just All star by smash mouth. i plugged my nintendo 64 controller into the the port and clicked the x button on it and the game started, but when it started the main wasnt sonic it was mario, the other competer against sonic the hedge hog, mario started running on the ground but then the slenderman and sonic.exe and the rake and freddy fazbear and jeff the killer and jane the killer and lord zolgo and jason from friday the 12th and mike myers and mutated hulk hogan showed up. but on mario's team was macho man randy savage, the shockmaster, simon bellllmont, bob the builder, danny devito and from the sunrise came piccolo and everone was like OMG ITS PICCOLO but then all the z fighters came out of the sun too anmd the avengers did too and the justice did too and the original zombies crew did too and all the characters from ssb4 and SORA from kingdom hearts did too and mickey mouse and mr krabs did too and all them had a big war. nikolai drank the vodka with thor and the fused and became nickelthor and all them were holy molly his power is over 2. and piccolo and sora fused too become soriccolo the keybeam master and jeff the killer fought against danny devito but jeff the killer said shhhhhhhhhhh but danny devito resisted it and went super saiyan 19 and wreckted him. then batman came out of no where riding on godzilla and they teamed up to fight the mutated hulk hogan and beated him. and then the slenderman , jason, mike myers and lord zolgo tried to beat the macho man but he was like OHH YEAH and they all got elbow dropped from the top rope. and then the gemeises turned off and i destroyed the disc because it was to spooky fdor me to waqtch agauin.

Weird spongey