Once I was strolling roblox, then I played jailbreak. I looked at the servers, and saw a private server.

It said "Weed"

I was like, "Ok"

I got greeted by a guest, Guest 420, that is.

He made em smkoe weede in the gammme. Then, he gave me weed in real life and forced me to smoke it. Then the cops came, and arrested me. I escapeded prison soon after, and found Guest 420 they'e. He killed me with a bong. I woke up and found out I was still in prison, on death row. I escaped, and I fought Guest 420. The theme was Final showdown for Bully, the game. The $*$&$&$musics awesome, and anyone who thinks otherwise should kill themselves. Anyway, I knocked him in a vat of acid and said

Nothin like a chemical peel for your skin huh, Guest 420?

And I woke up.

And thats why I never drink triple sec and whisky with tonic again.

Then I ate jeff the killers head and ate slenderman as well.

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