You've all heard of herobrine, right? But what you didn't know is, that herobrine is actually adolf hitler.

One day, hitler was in his bunker coding, when he decided to make a game called mein kraft. He began coding jews. Because he hated them to such a great extent, he made them pathetic little blobs called "Testificates", which translated to german means testificate. He then made skeletons pop out of the testificates and gave them a bow. Then the dead testificates became zombies. Then he tried making a pig, it was green and ugly and he called it a creeper. He tried making a pig again, this time he used hiper realistik blud to make it look pink. It was a success. He then made an enderman, since he was and aryan, he made it black. Then he decided to add himself to the game, It would be called herobrine. But then, he spilled mountain dew on his laptop and it crashed. Then hitler got angry and threw his computer in the ocean. 
Herobrine is Hitler



9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 seconds later, a swedish man, by the name of notch, found the computer and began working on his new game.

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