Hello my name is Colin and I love video games. I usually play on my laptop but one day I dropped it and it literally exploded into a million peeses. After that, my dad bought me a desktop a couple Steam gift cards. I started playing Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy when suddenly the computer decided that it wanted to shit itself and power off. I booted the compuiter back on and loaded up steam but the account that it conected to was 666_Rapemaster_666. I was completly indifferent because this was probably something that I would do. However, this was a different account because the only game on it was one I never saw before called Hell Universe: PC Edition. I clicked it being the adventurous little fuck I am. I then got jumpscared/ear raped by a rapidly flashing picture of Bill Gates with his eyes missing. This made me piss myself so I went downstairs and grabed a towel to clean up the mess. I was now in a title screen that had the number 666 flashing with blood spraying everywhere. I grabed to piss rag and tried to clean off the blood but i forgot it was a fucking computer screen. I clicked the 666 and got ear raped by mogolovonio. I died. But the true question is, who was the Bill Gates on steam? Yes.

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