I have been picked to investigate the remains of the Hiroshima bombing. My crew and I went down into a expermental hospital built before the bombing to test the effects of radiation. One of my crew members starting going inside and took off his protective suit he ran into the room and found a knife slit his throat. Someone else started screaming omg guys come look at this it was a poor squirl mutated into some freaky animal I stabbed it with the knife the crew memebeer found we alll got out of there.


i decided to go back by myself this time walking into the building i heard someone screaming I ran in as fast I could I saw a girl sitting down saying mom please help me I can't see anything I looked at her eyes they were completely white she said mommy is that you. I said no little girl I'm a scincetest I was sent here. She said plese help me ,but then a man behind me said you won't be going anywhere.

It wasn't even a man but a demonic creature he had the knife in his hand and stabbed me I wasn't dead of course but wounded the girl started crying. I started to run but he grabbed me and stabbed my leg i kicked him and grabbed the girl we ran out the building I got on a plane and brought her to my house.


i came home one day and found her hanged. I then wondered what was wrong with that hospital

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