Once a long time agoe, i found fil, it call INSANITY.MP4 i don think it a thin so i play it. it started with what seem like gibberish it say "SEVMTCBJUyBSRUFMIEhFQVZFTiBET0VTIE5PVCBFWElTVA==". it was there long enough for me to read it but i didn understan what it mean then it seem bi a pokemon episod with ash watching a snivy drinking some water. when i saw this i thought maybe it was los episode then static then sniivee kiled ass and pikaaaaacho then say chu evolvin then ity die blood become very realistic then sudden jumpscare of terifing snivee with static nois in bagron. then dic explod when i thiunk iit overr thin suddben;lkjyt jumpscare retun n n nn nhnbh bhhn bjn bnnm jdfghgfdj after thiz dic reform and entur lap agin it show misty cryin even tho shio ant par of black anime ad cilan wa ther 2 butt he didn have oansaf whic weird thinkin he have A POKEMON LIKE THAT THEN JUMPSCARE SPOOP ME AGSAIN then ash bac life in bat against gary birch he send oujt chu and garee send out snivy then when bal drops it lagg lag then gary shown dead but sha show not care snivy apparent use splash and kill pikachu after picahu us jawb han then pika explod leavong plood all ova place the withb oorgan everysinle place you looki then the messag apper again SEVMTCBJUyBSRUFMIEhFQVZFTiBET0VTIE5PVCBFWElTVA== this time with noi in groundback then it end for real i don kniw anythin about it but i tell you on thin the if yu put SEVMTCBJUyBSRUFMIEhFQVZFTiBET0VTIE5PVCBFWElTVA== in base64 decod then you get messag HELL IS REAL HEAVEN DOES NOT EXIST

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