Me jake, Being a big jeff fan, I lived in a house with jeff the killer posters and a jeff the killer flag and a jeff the killer tatoo and a jeff the killer shirt and jeff the kill pants and jeff the killer background pic for my pc. I was finishing drawing a jeff the killer micture when suddenly the cops came and arrestted my parents and he said they were convicted for merder. But I said no!!! They are nice they would never do that! But they arrested them anyway. Then I had to live in my house alone. It was midnight. Then I sawbsuddenly a man approached me. He had a knif and said Go to sleep. I ran as fast as i could but he was to fast he caught me and said go To t Sleep he stabbed me and I was alreadly dead before I knew it and I woke up in the hell. I said is this hell? Yes. NOOOO! WHY AM I HERE!!!! then i was sad because i thought i would go to heaven :( then I said wait was it jeff who killed me? i thought jeff was a coool duuuuude!!! No it was jane. Then I got happy cause i thought jeff was too cool to kill me I went and left hell to get revenedge on jane she was running away from me but I catch her and stabbed her with her onw kife she caught mad and said this isn’t my final form!! Then she transform into a big.... hairy..... Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I ran and at her and took My knife and but she was too powerul and took the knife and stabbed me but i wasnt dead. I took a piece of the snow on the ground and thew it at her and she was surprised and she got really mad but suddenly i had a feelig that i needed to kill her and i l;unged at her and killed her. Then she died and I used her as my new body to kill theguards at the prison to free my parents then I took the costume off. Then jeff the killer came and said hey sorry for killing you :\ I will make up for it by breaking the bARs of the jail cell. then he did and me, jeff, and my parent’s lived happily ever after in a 4-story house that jeff gererusly payed for. The end.

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