It was a very cold night and i was laying in my bed reading a book. I heard scratching at my window but that was impossible because i was on the 2nd story! I went under my covers, i have never been so scared before! I heard somebody walking twords my bed! i peeked out to see Jeff the killer standing infront of my bed! "CRAP!" i screamed! I saw slenderman teleport from behind Jeff! I screamed. "I SAW HIM FIRST SKINNY BASTARD!" Jeff said. Slendermans tenticals decended and grabbed a lamp off my shelf. I watched the whole thing! Slenderman closed my door and locked it! slenderman threw a lamp at Jeff. "BWAHHHH" yelled Jeff. DIE DIE DIE"  Jeff repetatedly stabbed slenderman!  "HAHAHAHA" shouted Jeff. But it was too late to laugh! slenderman got him! He Grabbed Jeffs leg and hung him upside down! I whent under my covers and herd a loud SNAP! "GAAAAHHHHH!" Blood splatterd on my wall! i looked to see Jeffs left arm ripped off! Slenderman threw Jeff on the floor and tore all his limbs off and ate them! Then slenderman teleported to my bed! "OH SHIT" i yelled! my parents rammed down the door and saw Slenderman standing there! "AHHHHH" they screamed! Slenderman grabbed them and ripped there heads off! Slender man killed my parents and Jeff! i was araid he was going to kill me! but he just teleported away. 

And to this day my room is covered in blood and i never ever want to live in my house ever again so i moved to Arkansas.    

The End!

Jeff vs slenderman