One day at the mew mew cafe the mew mews were working like usual when a humanoid tiger walked in.

He appeared to be playing a mobile game,the game was very violent,he also had it up to full volume so everyone was able to hear it when Wesley asked him to turn it down or leave,so the strange man opted to leave and watched the mew mews from a few bushes and he hid for a few hours when the mew mews left the cafe the strange cat started following them until they got to Zoey's house.

Zoey then comment about the strange humanoid cat they saw.

Zoey went to make popcorn when John went in a slashed her to death with his chainsaw arm,when the others had heard the saw the head of Zoey on a spear that was stabbed in the counter. There actually were only two,Korina and Renee. Bridget and Kikki kept watching television until John appeared and jumpscared them through it.

Then Bridget saw John and he murdered her with his chainsaw,he tore off Korina's head and drank blood from it,then slashed Renee with his katana arm.