File:Gout logo by sarafriendship-d5tjaqx.jpg

Do you remember the Klasky Csupo robot, the scariest logo ever? I was an intern at Klasky Csupo, and I'd like to tell you about the alternative versions. Neither actually aired, but both are much scarier.

Let's start with the first one. It starts out like normal, but instead of "Klasky Csupo" in the "Boing" voice, the robot seemed to say "Klasky Cus-poh" in a true robotic voice. There were also no funny sound effects at the end. The last frame was a photo of slenderman harming a jewish child. In fact, slenderman made this.

The second variant is worse, however. It's similar to the alternative version, but there are some changes.

First of all, the "Klasky Cuspo" robotic voice thingy is intact. It is very stupid.

Second, there were still no sound effects. This led to less annoyed people, but nobody thought it was funny.

Third, the last frame was Smiledog and Jeff the Killer doing the mass murder of many little children. That image was made with only the holder of death.

Fourth, Splaat's eyes were bleeding. That was a bad sign.

Fifth, Splaat's teeth seemed to be sharp. Also, two teeth were shaped like sabers.

Sixth, Splaat staring at us was made even longer, about the rest of the program. That meant that you will get many nightmares.

Seventh, the background was an even darker shade of black. Like, "dark black."

Eighth, the logo was drawn so badly that it  became as long as my schlong. The sixth difference didn't help either.

The logos should be destroyed! If you see a file of one of these, delete it! If you see these on the internet, report them. If you see these on ANY physical media, destroy the media. Hopefully, we can help eradicate this logo from the face of the universe. I tried that, but unfortunately, a skeleton popped out and killed me.

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