FREE ICECREAM GAME - RUN. HIDE. SURVIVE. - Full Gameplay Walkthrough & Ending (Brad Unleashed)

A very disturbing computer game.


There is horror without pain...

Free Icecream 2 girls Dec-6-2013Edit
               Trollpasta written by: Edit
     Sean C. StuckiEdit

Free ice cream... is this laughable or am I suppose to be scared? Those little girls hiding where the bats and cockroaches live in hibernaculum while a demonic butcher covered in childrens and animals blood hot on their scent? That's terrible! Not at all funny. I'm playing this game on my new alienware computer with the neon glow of green mouse and mouse pad. A few grand but mother could afford it. "Eh! Where are these girls parents?" I'll just navigate this girl around this child kidnapping ice cream man.  The screen keeps flickering like we're on surveillance camera mode.  This game points a grey dead finger and heckles at my intelligence. Those freaks at Katana new and old games shop sold me a lemon. That sniveling man asked me when I walked up to the desk,"What are you looking for sir?" I didn't grab from my normal heap this day when walking into this place. Getting a little tired of the same old from call of duty and their knock offs."yeah... umm.. I haven't played a good horror game in a while. I need a little fix that's gonna make my palms sweat." A smile encircled like the cheshire cat and both his big eyebrows raised.  

Would you have bought this game?Edit

With teeth showing like dog fangs that greasy faced man said,"Have you ever played... Free Icecream?" Before I could form the thought and reaction of saying I didn't he followed with a sweet smelled sentense,"It's bliss, boy..." That cold night I felt particularly lackadaisical in their store.My patience can't extend any longer,"Here's 5 bucks and i'mma snatch it outta your hand." Slapped that bill on the glass chest then snatched the disk out of the clerk's hand. Right as I slapped that bill down the manager, assistance manager,and rest of the staff walked out of the back and began to stare at me.

"Take care of those little girls...." Said the manager. I noticed them all wearing evil grins with eye lids at half mass with soft chuckle. I did the only thing I could, walked slowly out of the store. Now, I'm getting bored of this game. Just then the butcher appeared on the screen clothed in static and hyper realistic children's blood. His eyes looked like vile old troglodytes with a hyper realistic black color. I could've got lost in thos eyes for days and not in a homosexual way. Deep caverns I saw...

That cleaver weilding maniac left the screen abruptly and a bolt of electricity came out hitting the floor inbetween my legs. Like a blob creature the girl in the red dress came out of the floor. Her liquid gathered and she became human then began talking to me saying,"My succor! Help me! My fear of the butcher! This fear is hyper realistic! He offered me and my friend free ice cream and invited us in his van... We went in and after some sweet talkin' he lifted me up and placed me on his kiln that was heated up to 1,000 degrees! I sat their without moving for a few minutes..."  

I know now they don't feel pain.Edit

"You look fine to me, your sitting down." She looked puzzled by my statement."I am the figment of some graphic designers imagenation, I feel no pain." Truly disturbing. This is the girl coming out of the t.v. with the burned eyed butcher randomly appearing on this screen, wow. Quiet the hallmark of the horror genre. Knock, knock, knock someone is at my door. It's probley mom or the cat with those turket sandwitches and kool aid. So I thought to myself if this girls butt melted and her feces and organs became slippery from the torrid heat plopping on the super oven and cooked for food... She felt no pain from any of this... alright.

"Uhhh...don't let her jabberwocky perpetuate your feelings. I can only eat human skin and cooked organs. It's much like pork." The butcher pushed his cleaver and hand outwards stretching out of the screen. I learned something. I always thought that the characters felt pain and now I can kill and decimate as much in a video game as I want without feeling guilt. My door flung open with a thunderous roar showing the entire Katana game staff and their families. I knew what they came for and it wasen't to know how I felt about the game.... They want my hyper realistic blood.

The butcher let out a yelp when gazing into the eyes of the staff,"UHH! It's time to feast..." At that moment pushing his way threw the tiny crowd was Mutahar from some ordinary gamers and he had slenderman with him! A gamecube controller appeared magically in my hand giving me control of Mutahar.I let out with a loud voice,"It's time we made permanent decisions on policy in this room that begin to amortize..." Slenderman slapped me at that point of the speech and I said to myself I hand enough. This is the new super smash brothers game in real life!

-The End-

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