heres how it all happnd

i was on deh tv watchen mai wittle pone and the episode calld "run" came op.

i decid to wtch it and deh introh glitchd at teh stert an maid a crepy sorta crrap dat wasnt scaree at alll.

de episode startd with flooters runen to her shed at nite. den there were black ghostleh like pones and caim to the shed.

flooters was scard in the shed that wen she herd the door bangaranging she hid behind her bawx

wen the door broek down the shed lites turnd off. flooters grabbed a candel and lit it. bai the tiem she lit it she saw deh ponies and got murderd. her eies were bulged out and et looked liek she was craing through her bulged eais.

den dere was a cutscen to flooter's shed to sugarcoob cornar. pinkie pai was shown in deh kitchen and herd bangeranging. she got deh planks to barricad the dore and she was just in tiem to barricade the dore. but she 4got the windowz. the ghost pones broke en and kilo'd her.

Den dere was a cootscene from sugarcoob cornar to goldanoke libery. then it zoomd to twailight sparkle. she grabbed a mosket and a boweh knife befor she nocked on de door. den she nocked on de door. she noticed that the black ghostly pones kelled spike so she fought the pones but ded soon aftar.

den the pones killed every1 in equestreea and destroyed the helements of armory.