It was mid-July, and I had nothing to do but play with a dog. My sister got a dog for her birthday, but he liked playing with me more. But I was sick of it. What's a guy to do all Summer if he lives far away from all of his friends. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Richard, and hate the summer. It's hot and sweaty and my dad works 12 hours a day. So you can imagine my frustration when all I can do all day is hang out with my stupid sister.

On this day, I decided to take a walk around and clear up my head. My neighborhood was alright I guess, but there isn't much to do. While walking down the street, I notice a house is having a yard sale. I walk up, and am surprised to see that no one was there. I walk around a bit and stumble on a jackpot. It was a box of Mega Man game. One more thing you should know about me is that I LOVE MEGA MAN. Some people call me the king of Mega Man ( Not to brag). Just then a scary tap is on my shoulder and I scream like crazy. " Hello deary. Are you enjoying yourself?" It was a super scary old lady. She was wearing an old fashioned dress and she had a really long nose. There was a black cat at her heels giving me the eye. I hate cats. I told her yes and wanted her Mega Man games. " Take them if you want." she said. " I can't play them anymore." And with that she walked back into her home.

I was so excited that I ran all the way home. A crazy cool lady give the ultimate goods. Mega Mam, my favorite game series. When I got home, I set up my NES at speed. This would be the thing to end my pain! As I look through the box I see all the classics. Mega Man 2, 3, and even 5, which is my favorite. But there was one I didn't even recognize. It was a blank cartridge with a post-it note on it that read: Mega Man XIII: Blood Splash. I was amazed about! I plopped it in and held up my breath.

When the screen came on, there was a loud screeching noise and the title screen came up. It said Mega Man XIII: Blood Splash, and it had a picture of Mega Man with no helmet and blood coming out of his ear holes. Proto Man's theme was playing, except slowed down very slow. I couldn't believe it. My heart had stopped.

" AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" I screamed louder than I knew I even could! This isn't what I expected. I thought I had a fun game ahead of me, but this. This was unnatural! Then it dawned on me. Maybe this was a hacked game. I had heard all about hacked games but I didn't believe they were true. I decided to play it anyways, maybe it would be fun. But that's strange, how come nobody heard me scream? I took a lap around the house to find that no one was here. Oh well, I thought. Maybe they went out for pizza.

I pushed start on the screen and the game started. I was surprised to see that it was Mega Man 2 on the screen. Wow, this is one my favorite video games. I decided to pick metal man first so I could get the metal blade because that's the best strategy. But when I chose him and it went to the screen where you get a good a good look at the robot master, it said Evil Man and he was killing a kid. This made me a little sick. I Didn't know this was going to be a scary game. I considered stopping, but I am no wuss so I continued.

The level started up normally on the conveyor belt and rest of the level was looking pretty much normal. One thing I noticed though is that instead of music, it was just a high pitched ringing that hurt my head. I got to the end of the level really fast and was ready to face metal man, or Evil Man as this game said. When I approached him he spoke to me. He said, " You don't even know what you are even getting yourself into kid!" I was surprised because I knew that the NES didn't have good enough graphics for voice acting.

Evil Man was just like metal man, but he was doing so much damage and he was two time the speed. After a while, I finally beat him, but it was a close one. I think most other players would have lost but I was just playing this since I was a kid. The screen transitioned to a scene where Mega Man had his helmet off and was bleeding out of his ears again. But he then walked up to Rush and cut his head off! That shocked me I thought I was playing as the good guy. Maybe I should stop playing soon, I'm feeling a little odd.

I was surprised to see when I got back the stage selection screen that all the regular levels where gone. They where replaced with two new levels. One had a picture of skull with a Mega Man 2 cartridge in his mouth. The other was a picture of Dr. Light with no eyeballs crying. I had a good feeling in my gut that this was going to be an important choice to make. Maybe I can flip a coin out or something because this is too hard a choice. I took out a quarter I had in my pocket and it flipped it. Tails! Okay I'm going with the second option.

When I clicked on the level it said SATAN. BLOOD SPLASH. YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE! This made me jump because it was real loud and it sounded like a demon was saying it. I gripped my controller furiously and was ready to play. It dropped me off in a hellish world with black shadows flying all over the place. Wood Man came out but it said his name was Legion. He instantly started throwing hell fire at me and I was really close to losing but I shot one last metal blade in him and he died. " That takes care of that." I said.

As I progressed Heat Man jumped out with the name Balthazar, and he used black flames to consume me. He was about to finish me but I paused it at the last second. I scrolled to the next screen and saw a had two E tanks and I use one. " Okay, I'm back in action!" I yelled, and finished him off. But as he was dying he yelled," F you scum! You can never defeat my king!" except he actually said it.

The screen went black and all was silent except you could here foot steps slowly approaching. A tall red demon walked onto the screen wrapped in a blood red glow. He opened his eyes and I don't know what it was, but I couldn't move my body. I WAS PARALYZED! Then he spoke. " Hello Richard... Did you thunk you could win?" He slowly walked towards Mega Man and he took off his armor. I couldn't move my hand to save him. The man said, " Now you will see what true pain feels like!" and started ripping off Mega Man's skin!

All I could do was watch in horror. I could see the pain in his eyes but he couldn't scream. I thought there must be something I could do to save him but there wasn't. Mega Man fell over dead. I hold my hands over my mouth to hold in my scream and realize I am no longer paralyzed. This wasn't a hacked game, IT WAS A HAUNTED GAME! HAUNTED BY SATAN!

He looked at me the most sadistic eyes I had ever seen and said," Now it's your turn..." then he disappeared. Every thing was silent. WAS IT OVER? I turn around and HE IS STANDING BEHIND ME AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY!!! HE STARTS RUNNING TOWARD ME AND-

EPILOGUE- How could they put me in this place? I'm not crazy. They're crazy! At least in here I am safe, but what happened to the game? I guess it's out of my hands now, and although I'm safe, I can't seem to go a single night without hearing the sickening laughter of the man who stole my soul.

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