i worked at adult swim in 2004 and one day i decided to sneak into the vault, i looked through a HOLE BUNCTH of unused episodes and piolts, then i saw a disc laying on the ground that said "MILKCHAN.EXE DO NOT PLAY" but i took it ayways "LOL STEALING" i got home and put it in my laptop "EVEN THO IT SAID NOT TO PLAY IT DOH HOH" it started playing by it self! a dvd menu apeared but the only option was play... for some reason the japanese theme started to play but ALL THE CHARICDORS AT HYPER REALISTC BLOOD DRIPING OFF THEM!!!! "OH ME GOSH SO SCARY!!!111" but milk... milk had TWO GAPING HOLES WHERE HER EYES SHOLUD BE!!!!11 and then the epasode title apeared... AND MILK STARTED TO SCREAMA "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN YOUR SLEEP!... ISABELL!" WHO DID SHE KNOW MY NAME!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! the episode started out normaly, milk had fell asleep in the chair, "AWW HOW CUTE EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID SHE WHATS TO KILL ME!!! :33333333" tetsgo was in the kitchan, and then milk woke up... she said "YAWN... what a strange dream i had last night... im gonna see what tetsgos doing..." she went into the ketchen and... tetsgo was holding a knife... milk asked "what are you doing with that knife you piece of junk?" tetsgo got angrey AND STABED MILK TO DEATH!!!111 MILK SCREAMED AND GASPED FOR AIR AND SAID "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TETSGO?!?! WHY DID YOU STAB ME?!?!" milk fell to the floor... in a pudle of her own blood and said quietly "why...why do you...hate me?..." milk when unconscious do to blood loss... she woke up in the flower feld "...where am i... and why am i have dasha vu?..." she quckly realized that shed been here before when tetsgo almost killed her... she turned to look at me... "you... you caused this... YOU CAUSED TETSGO TO KILL ME" she... SHE HAD GAPING HOLES WHERE HER EYES SHOULD BE AND THERE WAS BLOOD ALL OVER HER!!!! I TRIED TO TURN OFF THE LAPTOP BUT IT WOULDENT SHOUT DOWN! AND SHE SAID "DO YOU THINK YO COULD GET RID OF ME THAT EASY?!" I SMASHED THE COMPUTER WITH A HAMMER AND IT WORKED! i throw away the laptop and the dvd thinking that its all over...i went to bed and a few hours later i heard someone opening the door and walking in my room... i opened my eyes only too see that milk was standing NEXT TOO MY BED WHITH A KNIFE IN HER HANDS AND WITH GAPING HOLES WHERE HER EYES SHOULD BE!... and she whispered "why do you hate me?..." i wokeup in a strage place and quickley realized that... i was in the flower feld... there was a puddle of blood where i was laying... and i looked up and saw milk standing over me and she said... "NOW YOUR STUCK WITH ME...FOREVER"...

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