This is a moment that will forever change my life

I used to play Moviestar Planet, a computer website where you can make an avitar and use them to make friends. I played it about 4 years ago when it was popular. but i soon got bored and stopped playing, besides the occasional visit to the site.

i stopped playing for four years. But one day, i decided to make a visit ro my old favorite website. I looked at the forums and had seen one called: All MSP Hackers! Hackers used to be scary, i remember a hacker named anonymous who used to hack everyone.

AnonymousMSP crappypasta
AnonymousMSP crappypasta

she was really scary but there was no more anonymous. they warned me about many hackers, but one stuck out to me. her name was: The Doll. She scared me for a while, but soon, i stoped caring.

Later that day i went to a chatroom and saw many people, including new friends. But, i saw something that shocked me for a second:

The dolly 3 msp crappypasta

A weird avitar without a name under it. I Realized it was The Dolly! I circled it for you in case you didnt see it. I left as quickly as possible. I thought i was safe, until she sent me a friend request. I didnt want to say no, or i thought id be hacked. so i reluctantly said yes. she messaged me, and we had a conversation:

The dolly convo msp crappypasta

She said she hacked Pumpchkin, the most popular Moviestar. i doubted it until i saw her account. it said: Hacked by The Dolly. i was scared. I pleaded the dolly not to hack me. She said: I will hack you!

she logged me out. I was scared and started crying. I was such a famous MSP user and i had many fans. what if it all went away? i logged in and saw this:

TheCult!! Real Account. msp crappypasta

my account was now called the cult. My face was covered by bandages. i went to change and i took off the bandages. my character's face was covered in blood, my nose was broken, my mouth was cut, and one of my eyes was fallen out. i put the bandages back on. I was mad! the dolly messaged me. It told me to join her hacking cult. I was mad, and i wanted everyone to feel the way i did. i joined the cult. if you play Moviestar Planet, you better watch out for me. you might be the next one hacked.

~goodbye >:)

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