1s ther was a famelay who moved intu a nu hause. vey had 2 vary curious girls. wen they gat there the girls becam very curious. the hause was in teh very dark wodes. teh hause had a bad feling to it so teh girls decided to explore. later vat night they heard a crunching comin from teh bathroom. dis continued for weeks until it turned out to beh a whol entier monf. 1 night teh crunching noise comin from teh bafroom was verie loud and vey decyded to chek wat it was. vey went to tweh bafrome and vey saw somfin just nastay. veir dad was sittin on teh toylet eatin chesballz. he was covered in crempufs and his hayr was coverd in reses pufs. he was sitin on teh toylet and he loked ovah at tem and BURPD. IT WAS SO LOYD TAT TEH HAUSE EXPLODED


Le Evil Creampuff

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