Mullet mike

A clip from the lost episode 1 minute in.

            Mullet Mike - The Lost Episode                10/23/77Edit


   Written By: Sean C. StuckiEdit

This child was sent into a mental asylum

My name is Jeff theo kilter. I admit that I have a few problems. I never believed in these kind of freaky groups but now I feel so much better. I remember the videos like it was yesterday.Now! Let us venture into some creepy gaming... que the guitar rift. This specific I actually don't remember being their before. It didn't show as a new upload, when I checked the upload date all that showed was a bunch of plus signs and Mullet Mike was covered in black and grey spider tattoos. His tone was the same though along with his usual benefic influence on his subscribers. I couldn't put my finger on the problem? 

In the background the rey mask sitting in the corner and that WCW heavyweight title belt looked to be top heavy and somewhat melting. I knew this was the work of my eyes. They're drooping and im having trouble staying awake. I've read about a hundred of these cheezy lost episodes for every cartoon show possible but never believing them to be real. The "Dead Bart" creepypasta gave me a run for my money but found out their searching and snooping that it was fake just like the rest of them! Mullet Mike was different in this episode though...

Him and the SOG guy give you the scoop and aren't known to play pranks in videos like becoming urban legends for themselves. Mullet is a newsman for the newsless stories. He speaks like the agent Fox Mulder with his viewers praising his gnomic utterances and rant information. So now that I know this, the video is actually beginning to scare me.

Threw out this lost episode he did a creepy review on grand prix for the Sega 32x. Seems that during his talk his face became more greyish looking with wrinkles and slits surfacing. I'm use to his slapstick comedy and dead pan red neck acting but this was just getting gloomy. I was 3 minutes in and about to click off the video but I see his wit is fading and his words looked to be getting broken and inconsistent. 6 Minutes in and Mullet Mike became completely gormless. This is so odd I thought. He's staring at me with his pale pink skin, head tilted, arms prompted, looking like he's slowly fighting to say a word. Edit

8 minutes in. Their is silence. The clips go back and forth from grand prix racing and Mullet Mike staring blankly into the camera. At this point I saw words popping up all over the red race car he was driving, I believe it was a time trial with only that car on the track. I grabbed a pen, paper, and the help of the pause button to put together what these words said and what I wrote down was,"Mike and Crab are at a zero-sum game, i'm not lying."Confusion set in, I looked over my paper over and over again. What in the hell could this mean?Edit

Going in for further inspection of who was driving the prix car is a distorted picture of a diglett pokemon with a crab face. I pressed play taking off the pause out of annoyance. "Jokes! Some stupid halloween video i'm guessing, tomfoolery at best!" At times you expect to be scared and have a little bit of the old what can really happen play in your mind which this channel does deliver season after season but seriously, what is this?! Child's play! It's like to a horror fan knowing advanced math in a land of multiplication. Edit

Their was 1 minute left in this creepy gaming episode. I was about to click the stop button but it looked as though Mike would spew out words with a coherent speed this time. I thought to myself that i'm already annoyed enough as it is then Mike spoke directly to me threw the video. He spat out right before I pushed stop,"Jeff...patience...please" My eyes widened with my heart going from 0 to 60. I knew before clicking on this vid that Mullet Mike's video game horror shows are events unpareil but this... this just didn't make any sense. 

My eyes we're glued everyone. After 30 seconds I was about to yell out of fear and then the limits we're pushed. A bunch of small crabs and lobsters came from burrowing beneath his skin eating him inside out. Hundreds of them ate threw him and like a toddler caterwauld loudly when burning his hand on a hot stove surface so went my security. Their little faces peeped out first then a plow threw of their shell exteriors. Mullet stared at me while seemingly threw painless void eyes... he said to me..."Jeff..."

I may have been at the foot of the down beginning this video but once it turned itself off I felt my senses to be dulled, boring was preformed on my heart, and now I feel lifelessness. For 3 months I've dug threw the internet forums all the way to china trying to find this lost episode with no success. I stand before you today a broken mad. I had nightmares nightly and panic attacks during the day until I finally snapped.Police found me in a neighbors closet with a knife in my cheek. 

Before the randsack and arresting of me I shot over a message to the host himself. He was baffled after asking him about a strange supposed halloween episode. The only responce I got in my inbox was a message from Mullet Mike with his reply...

What the hell!?

The End