Extracted from local newspaper Edit

After months after the first, the innocent murders have not stopped and the culprit's identity is still unknown. However, witnesses have seen the culprit's victims were forced to call her "My Lady' before killing them. For now, we will identify her as "My Lady."

The Story Edit

There was a 21 year old girl named Rachel White who was a stocker at Walmart. She had mild autism. She had blonde hairs, but she had recently dyed it blood red. When she wasn't at Walmart, she wore an orange turtle neck sweater with no sleeves, white skinny jeans and bright green contact lenses. However, she recently   changed it to a black maid dress, black corset leggings and black boots and red contact lenses. The reason why is because she went insane. Stocking over and over again at 10 pm to 5 am, and at the same time taking care of her twin babies stressed her to insanity.

The night she went insane... Edit

After a long night of stocking, she finally got home, when the babies were crying. Ryan and Teresa. She had low energy during work, and she had so much to stock. Then, his husband got angry at her. Then, she had snapped. She had an angry expression on her face, yet she was smiling. She went to the kitchen, and grabbed a knife. "You have ruined my life!" She said while smiling. Then she lunged at her husband, the knife blinding. Then, she stabbed him 10 times. Then she said, "This is what happens when you anger your lady..." Then, she cut off his limbs, and left him to bleed to death. Then she swent to her babies and killed them. She did the same thing as she did to her husband. She ran out of her house and into the forest, never to return to work again.

"Respect... your... lady..."

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