hi. to clasify myy identi-kitty, i wil call myself jack in this true story. ok so one day, because I'm a brony i had realised that the new mlp series had come out. i couldnt wait because i had been waiting for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. so i switchd on the tv and something rly weird happened. the tv started to static and i got kinda scared and then a huge pile of dead people appeared on the screen!!!!!11 it seemed it was some type of kinda bad png image. anyway, i started watching mlp and the intro started playing. it wasn't rlly right bcos the sound was distorted because it sounded lower thAN usual and like all the ponies had their cutie marks ripped out and was replaced with 'YOU'RE NEXT' badges where the cutie mark used to be. i didnt know what this meant but kept on watching. then the episode started. it started with rainbow dash was flying through the sky but then suddenly a plane hit her! the plane looked really smmilar. so i searched it up and it was actually the plane from 9/11!!!1!! i got rlly scared and started crying because lots of people got hurt in 9/11 my mum told me that. so then i kept on watching the episode. so all the ponyssss were gathered around rainbow dashes grave and i think they were crying. i was too. i paused the episode for a sec and then went up to my room where all the rainbow dash pony plushiees were and i realised they were all gone! they were replaced with a scary pile of bloody dead bodies with like loads of horrible gooey blood on them and they were REAL. i screamed like a little girl because i am one and then i ran out of the room but the door slammed before i could run out and all the dead bodeis started to limp towards me and i got rlly scared. then i realised the dead bodies were actually the dead rainbow dash from before and then i realised the static ffrom before and how the dead bodies were in front of the static and i screamd again. then it all stopped AND THEN IT STARTED AGAIN! i think the neighbours must of hird me cos dey called the cops and then the cops came around and shot all the dead bodies but they were already dead. so I'm in a hospital right now and i told the police my story and he said something that chilled me to the bone.. he said 'the bodies were alIVe when u saw them but dieed 50 years ago!!!!' then the police guy passed out and became a snail. i got scared and almost died right there but realised i was invincible and would never die!!!11

thats the end of my scary and true story. everything u heard in this story is actually 100% true. did u know that siri detected 0.0001 lies in this story? but siri is an idiot so yeah. i hope you won't fall into the same trap as i did and never ever ever watch my little dead pony: suffering is magic ever. its scary

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