It all started with this couple, they were for 3 years. They were finally ready for a baby.

Soon enough, they had one. The baby did not turn out to be the best looking one, nor the average. The baby was , so ugly that everybody weren\’t afraid to call it ugly and make fun of it. The parents knew their son was ugly and were infuriated.

One day, when the baby was two years old, the to take a family picture with the baby by this beautiful cliff-side over the Atlantic. They take the picture, but then push the baby off the cliff to his death. The police labeled it as an accident so the parents got off.

A year later the couple had another baby. This time the baby was beautiful and everyone was jealous, the parents were . It was another boy, very handsome child.

Proud of what they made they decide to take another family at the same cliff-side from 3 years ago. They get there and get there stuff ready, before they take the picture the son says

”Mommy, Daddy, you guys aren\’t going to push me off the again, right?”