Once upon a time there were five guys in the woods, Gee-bald, Mucus, Raperiel, MillCokeain, and Nicholas testi. They were walking in the woods until Raperiel fell into a pond. The pond was filled with dead mcdonalds workers. Their blood filled lifeless carcass was floating in the pond. Raperiel didn't know what to do so he ate the fat mcdonalds workers, got diabetes, and died from child obesity... After we saw Raperiel they ran into the woods. Next to go was Gee-Bald. Gee-Bald died from getting bored, so he made out with a rat, got rabies, got herpes, got diabetes, cancer, and finally hypothermia. After he died they ate him. After Gee-Bald went Mucus. Mucus remembered Bear Gryll's survival Channel. Where he wants you to drink your own p!ss. Well turns out they're a reason your body wants to get rid of it. He exploded because of the chemicals and all the rabies,herpes,hypothermia, etc that was in Gee-Bald. Nicholas testi was next to go. He tried to use his survival testis, wait I mean tactics* that helped him get through the wild once before. Well anyways, they didn't work. He said the cliff was approximately 10000000000000000000000 feet off the grounds. Well turns out it was 5 feet, and at the bottom was a bunch of soft pillows. He jumped on the pillows but they were really rats with pillows taped to their backs. I also forgot they had herpes. They jumped on Nicholas testi and then exterminated him by giving him herpes. The last one left was MillCokecain. He had a flashlight and was ready to jump on anything that tried to attack him. Well something did attack him. His mind. He didn't see it coming. There was a guy in his dreams that was naked chasing him with a knife. MillerCokecain was super scared so he ran away. Except that he was tied up in his dream. MillerCokecain then got stabbed a million times and he doesn't know what happened after... If ya know what I mean. Well he then died of hypothermia and then exploded. His head flew all over the world for everyone to see. And that's the story of how my mother art in heaven.

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