I can still feel the monster's presence. Ever since the day we met, he is still here. I know I could have saved my future, but I wouldn't. I was petrified. I still am. My life would be much worse if I fought him. I'm glad where I am, no matter what that spider does. I'm not afraid of any spiders though. The scratching at the window doesn't stop. It is still here, and I know that. I was a weird person before. Before the spider came. I liked the dark more than the daylight back then. I always stared into the sky, wondering what comes at the edge of space, the end of time, the end of matter. This spider's story will not ever leave my memory. Never.

I'm Jonathon. A seventeen year old that used to like the night and squirrels. I '''used''' to. I usual hide and peek around corners, because I find squirrels adorable, and I don't want them to run away. Mark is one of my friends. He likes doing searching and investigating. Hubert is my third friend. He always went straight for the animal. He found it first, whether he catches it or not.

I remember when I was young. I was a coward, but I liked the night. My friends weren't different. Sometimes, we went outside near 11:00 and had our ears open for the slightest moving of leaves. We all chased the after the direction of the sound like predators, chasing their prey. We normally found squirrels, and other common animals like them. We chose this time because we can see most animal's eyes shining, and it looked beautiful. It wasn't exciting, but they were adorable. That was great fun. One day, we changed the location to my house. I've never actually been outside of my house at night, so I thought it would be new and interesting. It was more new than any of us expected.

When we arrived, we heard a strange sound. It seemed like a mix between moaning and growling. Being the paranoid person I was, this freaked me out. Mark tried to calm me down, but it didn't work. He wasn't excited either, so I wasn't going to change. I actually managed to calm down and assure my friends it was some animal. I tried to look like I changed my mind and wanted to go, but I was really wondering what could make the sound. Changing my usual schedule, "''Always search first,''" I walked where it sounded to be from. It seemed to fade from all ways I walked.

I shook it off and took off in the direction of my friends. It felt like a normal trip. The formula was "Find a squirrel, run, and it runs away from you. Then pretend to be disappointed, but you secretly found the next squirrel, and they don't see it. Repeat." Later, I didn't see that many squirrels. Nor did any of my friends. We felt like giving up, which never happened until today. That felt bad, but then, the most unexpected thing of all happened.

We heard something in the bushes. We turned backwards, with excitement. Nothing. Hubert turned back in disappointment faster than we did, But then,

Hubert said "It's... It's... *gasp* A deer? A cow? A goat? You don't see those here often, Jonathon, do you?"

"Well, no," I said.

Those were the last moments I ever liked the dark. I turned around.

"That's far too big to be those, but, I don't know what it is. It looks like..."

I couldn't finish. The... ''Thing'' came out and revealed itself. A giant spider. He had 10 legs, strangely. I found a squirrel, and he was completely petrified.

"Maybe it's nice," I reasoned.

I felt like it was trying to be friendly. "It just... Came out. It's just standing. We don't know if it's bad." I realized the squirrel took off. The spider was chasing after it. It ran faster than a tornado (Keep in mind that this was a squirrel he was chasing) and was the size of a house. He looked like a giant ball on a tripod with 10 legs. We watched him catch the squirrel, and he ate it through his bottom. This was pretty normal compared to what some animals eat, so I only payed attention to the squirrel. The spider seem to grow in size after eating the squirrel. It only helped that blood came falling right out of his inside. We had the right instinct, which was to run! He went deeper into the woods behind my house, which was slightly relieving. He chased all sorts of animals, but I was just glad that he was gone.

We ran. Even if my backyard was small, it felt like we ran for ages. We went in my house, because it was the closest. We packed up things such as makeshift sandwiches, fruit, bread, and some video games. We ran to  one of our neighbor's houses to hide. I still think he saw us. We realized we should hide in someone's basement. My house was the only one I knew had a basement, so we hid in there. We covered up the few windows with junk we found in the basement. I still think he watched be block one of them. We stayed there until dawn. Then our parents all arrived. We tryed to smile, and act as the day was normal. They would not believe us, so we couldn't tell anyone. This is why I chose here. I've been like this ever since this incident happened. People always tell me to be more active. I wish I could. Since then, I've been like this, Mark never talks about what happened, and... Hubert...

Hubert is missing to this day.

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