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The horrible creatures whom stole blood

Nothingness - The real Joey's Lunch Show                           Dec-4-2013 Crappypasta written by:         Sean C. Stucki

If you grew up in the 90's then you probley recall a little Nick Jr. segment called "Joey's Lunch" A lunch box would open up on screen for all the bright eyed children. A sandwitch, a banana, a box of juice, and a breath mint would sing about making healthy eating choices. Have you ever thought to yourself where do they go when the song is complete and why we're you so drawn to it? Their would be days I remember where I would be totally serenaded by the act to follow the song was excessively fervent. I never did leave my parents house to see where the song would take me but as for my daughter? I caught little Sarah swaying back and forth to the throwback segment on Nick Jr just as I was sitting down in daddy's chair when that segment I remembered so fondly popped up... It's Joey's lunch."Wow how dumb is this?" I said to myself. Must have been a lot better when I had the brain and desires of a 5 year old. Sarah is 5 so I can see it. Shes swaying back and forth just like I did so many years ago. This canoious chorus of lunch songs seemed to fill the air in my living room. Once the segment stopped and the lunch box scuttled off the t.v. screen I watched my daughter slowly get up. Springtrap killed her. But I now watch gravity falls on my new tv. I screamed when I saw mega man with red eyes. But my screams could not be Heard in space. Also was In space.  

What you would've thought isn't possible turns out to beEdit

I had always stopped myself as a child fearing the worst time outs and groundings as a child. I'll see where this goes, not make a sound and follow her. The Sounds of farts came to my ears.She did look somewhat hypnotized but i'm sure this is all a game kids play, I mean all children do goofy things on a regular basis. She turned the knob and walked right out the front door without notifying me or her mother. I followed her little feet to the woods not to far from our home. An old memory hit me at that moment, it was blurry. I couldn't only make out a color and the color was I think red. But She said "he comeing to us" then randomly ran into a Mlg car. oh my gosh foxy,s dead!  

Forgetting it quickly while my stomach churned. I felt it in my belly those carminative herbs I was nibbling on all afternoon was rocking and churning my guts. I spoke out to Sarah without looking ahead and said to her,"Ok Sarah, that far enough honey...lets go back to...what?" I saw next to us children filing out of the elementary school. They're all blindly walking across the street into the wooded area, I kept quiet and continued to follow Sarah. It looked as though some kids we're fighting the urge but the fight didn't perceive to be human.   

A demonic chant like the old fables. Edit

Somewhat like stichomythia. They sort of argued threw their walk almost like it was some kind of game or a play. I walked over shrubs and thistles then hitting a light purple barrier. Their wasen't much force, it was like pushing threw a thin layer of jello. I told Sarah before getting completely lost,"Alright! We're done now! You need to listen to me!" My words fell on her deaf ears. but a black masked figure slashed me.and said "no escape or hell choose." I said "None or pizza." The figure ran off into the darkness.

I looked back seeing in the near distance threw the school room windows that the children we're there sitting in their seats! What? Looking forward I see it's the same kids but now noticing with them and me that our skin is light blue and we all have a small glow. I heard threshing, the sound was soft before the barrier and now the more closer I get the louder it gets. I stepped on a big crab bush and pushed down tall weeds to find those singing lunch foods! They're real! After the sight I wish never to see again I gave out a blood curdling scream,"Run kids! Run!" To no avail, all their minds are in a state of lacuna.

That damn peanut butter and jelly sandwitch, the banana, juice box, and the breath mint we're stomping and singing inside a giant winepress. They're mutilating the childrens souls!? These kids unaware are willingly getting in allowing their skulls to be smashed, their organs discombobulated, bones crunch and break with every stomp! Their little souls are like grapes. I heard their horrific singing,"The shindig! The shindig! We have our tea for the shindig!" The pipes heald as miles and miles of soul blood poured into that damned lunch box.

I gathered enough energy to walk to that box, before vomitting I putted out,"What insanity... what evil is this..." This trio is unseperable and I can do to bill cipher bill said "you are damned forever" I blow up and Stan said its your choice kill bill or kiss me

"The eternal hell and bloodwork...Joey's Lunch." T

but spirngtrap came out of the lunch box. I died. but came back form the dead to kill my killer John cena my creepy pasta became famous known as Ben drowned. The end

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