Hello i really love overwatch, in my opinion it is the best game!!1 So when I was looking for info on the new character, i found a link that said.


Me being the biggest overwatch fan in the univers, (even mastbeting to tracers ass) I had click it. BUT it was just a link a site with links face as the background and it had cheat codes for games like, cory in the house, tomodachi life and shrek 27. BUT, one code was for overwatch… It was called…

666.basion judgement day.overwatch.EXE

So i read the text on the code that decides it, it said that it would unlock a character and also give you the power to kill you team! So i opened overwatch, and then I had to input a code for the cheat code to work. It was, KILL KILL KILL. So when i got into overwatch I did the code but something weird and soopy, it was slander man as the character who was looking at me funny way. that's when i put in the code and sad…


Then want into quick play, and then litmente X files song cums on, and it was so spooky i shit blood!!!@@!!11!!111 I get war flashbacks to when the great golden one blessed me with PAC MAN, it was such a brutal war. But when in game i was basion and wass with team of all basions and one tracer that's’ when i said in chat to switch to basion but switched into hitler, we all get down and do the dinosaur jurassic park stile!!!!!111!1 But when match start it’s team of all basions as well, then hitler goes up and started to give a speech.


That’s when i knew what this was… a basion version for the overwatch would, they were lead by hitler to kill everyone, that’s when i thought why… I was in my bed with my laptop, just chilling but i had no life, i sucked in school, i had no friends, i had waas butt sexxed by sherk, was builyed and had bad parents who escaped me i the sheed. This mad dyed relate two sherk because he was the british rule in the shade. Then my parents came in.

“WAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!” She screamed. She was looking at my report card!

“YOu Dick bag, i hate you, i love sherk more than you two!”

That’s when PAC MAN came into the room and beat both of my parents and said.

“Treek him better you ass holes.”

But dera was i the hitler speech ended and then all the basins started to move into town with people in it, me in shot at them with guns, then tracer comes up and gets shot but us she than sas.

“Cheese loove, I'm dieing over here!” Said said, before deid.

Then i got saddened that she died and thought that she was so real, i was going to propose to her!!!!@!!11!!!!!11111

More people started to die as well as the heros, but reper and widow bitch. THey were bad guys and they have to die. moree people were dying and there blood and guts was all over the place and it was SO HYPER REALISTIC i almost vomited. So gory it was like sonic.exe, but he and sans and jeff and Slender man. I wanted to kill them!!!!! But i could not kill them!!!1!111111!

EVEN THOUGH I COULD!!!!11!111111

How ever that’s spook\py might be i than was starting to think of was to end match!!!!1111 Everyone was dieing and i was there to see it, the liutas flashes up on screen for 54.6666666 seconds!!1111 THIS WAS HITLER BASION illuminati TAKEOVER!!!!!1111 Then i see on screen…


Then Tv turns on to fox news, it said that we were all fucked and that hitler and basions have come out to members of the illuminati as well as all the other people that were there. Also zombies are invading the home land f\so the illuminati can kill every one. So i had to stop them, i had to kill all the basions and hitler, with power of the golden one i can become anything!!11111 So i put on my genji mask that i got at bz con, to kill everyone!!!!!!111 Im going to be king of the dumb asses now!!!!!1111

TO BE CONTINUED……… On pokemon!!!!!1

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