I am a hueg Pokemon fan. I knew all the facts and had um raer pokemon cards like the hollow foil charzare. One day i wass waing home from skool when i sudenly spotted a yerd salesz. I knew there wood be nothing good but I went anyways to laugh at al the bootleg crap. I suddenly spotted a rom disc that said POKEMON RED. My Ies were draln 2 it. I picked it up. "How much for this?" I asked the spooky poor man running the sale. "take that damnned disc 4free it is the spawn uv satan!" I wass just like U WOT M8. I roded my bike home and put in the disc. The file just sed Pokemon. And the extensions wass .EXE. I clicked on it and the pokemon start screen started like normal except it wasn't not normal Red had no ies and BLOOOOOOD was dripping frum the gaping holes. I presed start and prof OaK said "WELCOME xXx_NOOB_SLAYER_XxX TO THE WORLD OF SP00KYMONS. U WILL FACE MANY TRIALS AND COUNTLESS DEATHS." I wass vary scared how did the game know my actual name? Red suddenly appeared and goary oats started crying and pointed at red and cried and red 360NOSCOPED Gary. Hyperrealistic blood splattered on the screen. i cried 4 unknown reasons. Red stared at my meh wit dem crepey eyes. "STOP STANDING THERE SCRUB. I WANNA START MY SP00KYMONS JOURNEY!" MY name wass s4tan and i played for 666:666 I had 420 pokemon and 69 gym badgers Suddenly rid used an escape rope and hung himself. I was traumatized and went 2church every sunday from then on. LE END

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