I knew. I did not know what,but oh boy,i knew. The feeling was brewing inside me,and was always growing. The feeling vexed me,but i did not have a solution in mind. I then decided to try and concieve a solution for ,my problem. I had no idea what was causing this feeling inside of me. Trying to clear my mind and forget about it all,i decided to take a walk out on a trail. I was walking. The trail was considerably long,so i expected alot of walking. I felt fine,at first. But then i started feeling uneasy,and things started to startle me more. Everytime i stepped on the branch and heard the loud cracking noise accompanied by the echo that droned throughout the forest,i twitched,and jumped. As i stepped on branches more and more,the echo reminded me of how isolated and cold the trail was. I then tried to not step on the branches,but that only made me feel more alone. I never had this feeling often,and especially not on these early morning trails. As i started walking more, i started sweating. This was strange as early mornings are cold,and i was walking at a rather slow pace. I began observing the beauty of nature,and the mystery. I could hear the snakes slither through the leafs,and hear the crunching of the leaves as squirrels sprinted across long distances. The feeling of knowing something would happen continued to grow. I then reached the end of the trail. I then saw graffiti on some old signs that stated that you made it to the end. It has been a long while since i've been on this trail,and was startled to see that the once vibrant red and white signs were now covered in rust and graffitti. I then proceeded to walk back through the trail,and made it to my home. As i entered the house, i was welcomed by my warm,empty,and dark house,and was glad to sit down and rest my legs. I suddenly fell asleep. I remember having a vivid dream. I was walking around in my house,but something was different. My windows were broken,and it was cold. The house looked like it has been abandoned. I walk around the house, when i came across a rusty crowbar with dried blood on it,and beside it lay a picture of a man that had a small nose,a pony tail,a red moustache,and coffee brown hair. He was wearing glasses,and looked slim. He looked happy,and had a wide grin. The teeth were very white,except for what seemed like a silver tooth. The strange thing is these were next to a broken window,and a human outline drawn with chalk on the ground. I then opened my eyes. I began to think,and eventually put things together. This is what my feeling was leading up to. This man was going to rob me,and maybe,even KILL me. I panicked i started to call my landlord,and others,trying to get moved out of my home as soon as i can. I did not care if this house was owned by my grandparents,and that i grew up here,i did not want to die here. To my bad luck,none of the places or people i called could get me moved out in less than a month. I then decided to come up with a plan b. I was going to run. I quickly grabbed a dark green dufflebag and packed as many of my belongings in it as i could. I then decided to hide out near the trail. I was lucky to own a tent and sleeping bag,so my first night went by smoothly,but i still felt the horrible feeling. What if i was not going to get killed? What if its an illness? I was having second thoughts. The house was sentimental,and it would be a great shame to leave such an amazing jewl behind. But the feeling started making my doubt go away. I coud'nt sleep that night,and during the whole night,i was kept paranoid by the many sounds of the forest,and the only thing i had to keep me company was my half dead laptop,and my dim reddish lighted lantern. I then reasured myself that the noises and shadows were just my active imagination.That morning,i decided to have myself a bottle of water and some of my honey nut cherrios i brought along. While i was eating,i heard branches cracking,and leaves moving accompanied by footsteps. Someone else was walking the trail. This was not strange however,it made me jump. While the walking was going on,i tried to stay as silent as possible. I then started to think about neighbors reporting not seeing me,among other things. It has only been two days,and i never went out much,so i decided not to worry about these things. After two weeks of staying in the tent and holding out,the feeling went away. I felt no longer scared,or of knowing an oncoming doom,none of these. I felt at peace once again,so i decided to go back to my house. As i expected neighbors were asking where i have been,i simply replied,"i went to another city for vacation." When i opened my door,everything was the same,nothing different,but,i did notice i left the door unlocked. I then went to bed. I started awakening as i felt someone was here with me. As i rose from my bed, i saw the same man from the picture from my dream holding a crowbar,and he was walking toward me. I then started running. I lunged into him and tripped him,i then hid in the living room. I heard his footsteps approaching. I was sweating,and my heart was beating fast.I peeked my head out and saw the man checking everywhere,and i noticed he had a limp. A place around the mans leg had duct tape on it,so i assumed it was from an injury. I noticed he had checked everywhere,except where i was. He then slowly walked over to my hiding place.Tears rushed down my face,but i stifled my crying. He then uncovered me,and held his crowbar high about to hit me with it. I was paralyzed with fear. The crowbar hit me on my stomach and i screamed out in pain. He then hit me in the head,and everything went black. When i woke up, I saw shards of glass on the ground,and a window broken. I then noticed i was bleeding from my head and i used all my strength to go to my car and drive to the hospital. They said i was lucky,and that nothing was broken,all that had happened was big split wounds. I now sit on my laptop,4 months later,with the culprit not being found,and me writing this event that has made me think to this day.

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