One day, i was searching for some free models to make my first game, but i came across a weird model called "testing", it was uploaded at January 1, 1998. i have never seen a free model uploaded in that date, so i thought that this was just a glitch, also, it has kazuma kiryu's face on it instead of an ingame model. i also have never seen a model where it tells you to buy it.

Lol wtf

Footage, captured in 3/5/2017.

So, i just closed my roblox tab and go somewhere else. but i just realized when i opened a new tab, it takes me to roblox at the "testing" model, i was like "What?" i clicked the close button on my browser, then this error message popped up.


the Error message.

I couldn't close the window or click "OK", so i just sat there and watched... after a few minutes, my computer crashed and someone was knocking on the door, i quickly ran to my weapons closet. i didn't know what weapon to choose, so i chose the Sausage, i quickly ran to the door, but before i touched the door i quickly had a cardiac arrest. then i died, lying down on the ground. seeing my body being rotten, eaten by mosquitos...

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