it was a bright and sunny day Raniyah was walking to school she saw a large wild dog Raniyah stopped and she looked closely to the creature it has a oddly smile on it's face it was scary and Raniyah stopped and freeze in horror she never saw a creature with a really oddly smile before.When she heard the bell ring she ran when she heard the bell ring the classes line up for class when Everyone came in the school the 2nd bell ring everyone line up for pert i was working with Mr.fisher and Ethan we where working on our handwriting when everyone was back form pert we are now doing reading group's i did not have a reading group so as Ethan the bell ring it's recess when i get my jacket and went outside i saw the same large dog with a scary smile on its face i try to follow it and i got a huge scratch in my left arm i was hurt i told Mis.Rogusky about it i got sent to the office so doctors can look at it my teacher ask me a question who hurt you? my teacher told me a large dog what does it look like? it is a Siberian husky it has a creepy smile on it's face okay then tell your mom that you got hurt alright? okay then when class is over i walked home i saw the same large dog with a scary looking human teeth i ran for it as fast as i can.I looked back at it it was gone.that night i looked at it in google it was a creepypasta smile dog i looked at the image it was scary i had a bad dream it was awful it told me to spread the word and i know what it means to show it to someone else and i could the week after later i sent it to my teacher i was walking to school and in class everybody listen very closely mis.Rogusky killed herself cause she saw a scary picture beware alright? okay said everyone later that night i had the same bad dream smile dog said well done you spread the word we can be friends really? yes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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