Excerpt from a local newspaper:

OMINOUS UNKNOWN KILLER IS STILL AT LARGE. after weeks of unexplained murders the unknown killer is still on the rise.After little evidence has been found a young boy states that he survived one of the killers attacks bravely tells the story.My name is yusspeh i was hanging out with my girlfriend we were in love.Then Raniyah and me had a huge fight Raniyah pulled a knife on me says the boy she was wereing a yellow fox mask the boy says i end up in the Hospital i was really hurt.Two weeks later i was unhurt i get out of the hospital.Last night i had a bad dream i woke up in the middle of the night i saw a girl had a black hoodie rip blue jeans and black shoes she had a knife on her hand her eyes were not normal eyes there were cold ominous eyes i went back to sleep then the girl was come closer then ever.It terrified me that's when i saw her mouth it had a large smile on her left side.Ever hair on my body stand up the girl finally said sweet dreams i let out a huge scream that's what sent her out me she pulled a knife aiming my heart she jumped on top of my bed her thin gray hair lend on to of me fought her back I kicked her i punch her i rolled around trying to knock her off me thats when my dad busted in the girl threw a knife in to my dads leg the girl probably would'ev finished her off if of one of the people call the cops they drove though the parking lot. and ran toward's the door.The girl turned and ran the hallway and jump out the window was a loud smash! i looked her in the distance.I can tell you one thing i well never forget her her ugly face her smile her cold dark eyes never leave my mind.

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