Hi so um something super scary happened to me yesterday. So my dad started working on Rick and Morty a couple of weeks ago. One day he came home with a CD. I picked it up, it said RnM Spooky. I put the CD into my Computer and began watching. It was the normal intro but it was wird cuz It was blac k and white and Morty was pooping and Rick was a retarded chicken. SPOOOOOKKYY

MEMCDR80100 gall2

The episode began and Morty was eating breakfast and when he took the first bite he turned into coffee and his dad drank him it was SCARY

Then Rick was pooping and got stuck on toilet and he turn into POOP and got flushed SCARY and Morty's mom went outside and turned into a very very inteligent chicken and someone picked her up and thru her in teh air DUN DUUN DUUUUNNN I got scured. And Morty's dad turned into pancakes horrifying. I took the CD out of my computer. (bad grammar intended)