I was recently watching some TV when suddenly I saw that Lazy Town was airing. I leaved it and I watched the intro. But this was different. Sportacus' zeppelin was crashing like the Hidenburg and the town was filled with flags of Robbie Rotten's face. I skipped to the next channel, but they were also airing Lazy Town, and the same thing happened. In fact, it was happening in all the channels. When the intro finished, I noticed that the episode's name was ''Robbie Rotten goes on a rampage''. When the episode began, Robbie Rotten was on a plane, and corpses were inside of it. Robbie launched exactly 2 Fat Mans and 3 Little Boys. Then the camera fell and I was terrified. The town was completely destroyed, but Stingy was able to survive. Stingy jumped onto the plane and climed it. ''This plane is mine''. Stingy grabbed the plane and put it into his pocket. Robbie Rotten fell to the pavement, screaming his usual "Aaaah!". Stingy also fell and started cursing to each other. Suddendly, Robbie grabbed a rocket launcher and killed Stingy. The TV turned red and Robbie Rotten cleaned the camera, so now I could see his face. He said "Well, hello there. Now that will also happen to you". I realized I was Stingy and saw 2 Fat Mans and 3 Little Boys.

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