I was so happy! I got a new job. I needed to work with a computer doing some code for a videogame.

I only had my old big computer, so I decided to buy a laptop. I noticed they were too expensive, so I bought from second hand a old laptop, with a Windows XP CD in it.

About a week later, I got it. It was in better condition that expected, so I finally installed Windows on it. I also installed the needed programs and I was ready to go. The job started a week later.

In my first day of the job, I just listened to how they did thing around there, also with the second day. It was until the third day I finally started working. I did more and more code. The manager added some .txt documents to my computer In case I forgot something. In my fourth day I forgot plenty of things, so I searched these documents. I didn’t find them. I clicked the “Search” tab and Rover appeared. It seemed annoying. I didn’t mind tough.

Around my first week, I was tired of that dog. I searched more documents that my manager added and clicked “Without an animated screen character” After I clicked it, I found something weird. Very weird.

Rover said: I’LL COME BACK.

I was so scared. I thought it was a bug, but it seemed too out of place. He then jumped off the bubble, as he usually does. Finally alone.

Weeks passed, and it was pretty normal, but still concerned about what happened. When I clicked “Search” again, without Rover, I couldn’t find the documents. I asked my manager about this, and he also couldn’t find them. He quickly completed the code and added the documents again. They were deleted within seconds, at his own eyes. He reseted Windows and tried again, but they also were deleted. I took the day off.

When I came back, my computer didn’t start. My manager was very surprised about this, and we thought that the computer, because it was used, finally broke. It suddenly turned on, with red text saying:


Then the computer did a horrific sound and turned off. I also took the day off, and while in home, I ordered a new laptop.

While I was asleep, I could hear some strange things, like screams and everything. I wake up and there was red “blood like” fluid on the wall, saying:


I ran off my house to a 24 hour shop. While I was running, there was a yellow dog in the entrance. I immediately thought it was Rover, and I was right. He grabbed me by the pants and he said “I will kill you”. Then he bitted me.

The shop keepers fighted the dog while others called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital. They noticed Rover chasing the ambulance.

When they arrived at the hospital, the door closed on Rover. I said “Look out!” to the nurses and, while they ignored me, I was getting into a room, recovering.

I told them the story and they thought it was an hallucination, but I then said why do I have the bite and they started to believe me. I said again that Rover is outside the hospital and some looked for him, and they never came back. The other nurses called the police and finally killed that dog. Because that dog, I got fired temporarely and injured but, I got a new computer.