If you are expecting to see the actual episode, you never will, now, on to the story!

I was an intern at Sesame Workshop (back then having just been renamed from Children's Television Workshop) and I've seen a VHS that was supposed to be destroyed, but wasn't. I was shocked to learn that the CTW 1985 logo was on it, but in 3D. I thought it was a normal Sesame Street episode, and during most of the episode, it was. The Aardvark song was shown twice during the episode, but that was the only unusual part of the episode I noticed until after the second playing.

The Elmo's World about tornadoes was shown, but the tornado had no face. The edited version (of which is not a Sesame Street episode, but a feature on Hurricane Magazine Demo 100) replace the tornado's face with a pretty female face, which is weird, but otherwise, it went the same way as the original. This one lacked a face, so it didn't look as menacing as the original version. However, it sucked in Elmo, killing him, effectively ending the segment.

After the segment, a segment with the only surviving frame is seen. It scared the balls off of me. I didn't know much about the segment, but I saw it, and that (edgy) frame stook to me for the rest of my life. A less edgy version was seen in "another lost episode," called simply Elmo the Genius.

I've seen a lot more, but I think it's time to finish here. I dumped the VHS into the Gulf of Mexico. A skeleton popped out and killed me, but I came back to live shortly after. This is unfinished. Expect a sequel.


This survives, but the sequel doesn't. I'll make a trollpasta about the sequel's purging.

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