i was only 13 years old when i first whent on omegel. my scub fathr told me not ever to find myself browse on omgel, but i sence he scub, i whent on omgele weth out his admin perms buy haxing my computor screen intoo omgle. i whent on with the inturists: terorisms, old perpol, and shreck love. i wehn finaly gott a paterner an hour inturests wher booth: terorisms, old perpol, and shreck love. but my paterners' webcm wus nut al but reel. it wus de poodipew on webcam, i scremd and tld me mum 2 git camera. she cume runig with camra and grondd me for faking poodieduck encunteorr. he left me a massag thet say "join the shreck sid, cus ill butsecks you...". frum that momento n i new that it twas ye rel shreck buttlover. i tured my webcam on two shoe shreck butlover lowrd satanists cult man who used every cliche there was tht i was not fak, but in deed de real puusi distoyr. he turneed hes webcom in and it was indud the rel shreck who had buttseckd me last month. i had to get all of the therapies for that, but i enjoyd it much suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. he massaged me and says "let me jemp out of screen and buttsecks you again!" i ylled for me mum 2 get the punisher out and help me and sheck to made de buttloves.


it was 5 days latter and sheck was niw livng wit me and me mum. i hd askd sheckler abou life and hid anser wad asl. he den told me and me mum to bend ovr. he than buttsecked us both with his powrrful wand of swamps. he was yelling asl the hole time when we had buttsecks an i asked shrek what asl ment, he say age gendar locatin. i den wa shoced bey his nex action, he kneld and sed whill you mary me mum. i says yes and i askd for her asl, 69, trans, to my right. she was purfect for me and we butsecxd all night long.



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