Sonic permeates Crappypasta Written by: Sean C Stucki Jan-30-2014

Tails never really aided me. He spun his tails around to catch me at the marble garden every time I had fallen while battling my arch nemesis dr. Robotnik but other than that my best friend was pretty useless. Mudahar was there to give me what I needed, I respected him more. Not like tails and his overwhelming passim. Mudahar used his Fiji skin to float me around the levels and helped me collect rings, floating like a flying squirrel. His knowledge of creeping things and killers kept me on my toes, Also he helped me spar in the boxing ring against knuckles. I have to tell you unfortunately that that is when we began using tails as a punching bag in our training sessions.

There is no escape

Mudahar walked out of the men’s locker room putting his dark brown chocolate skin back on. Before he began working for me him and his roommate turned against me while trying to gain youtube views. At the time I couldn’t stand him and his roommate/cohost Samuel. They talked about me on their show playing me and controlling, pushing, jerking my limbs with a controller button. It was difficult but I used my mind to break free from the puppet strings in the 8 bit realm! I broke free! The game glitched and a blood red circle appeared in my sky. I jumped through the 8 bit air and flung my body threw the circle. I flew through the t.v. set and into reality. Both Mudahar and Samuel had their jaws dropped on the floor. I put an end to the first episode. “I have been released…Mudahar…I am your greatest nightmare…I…Am…God…” They flipped and ran out of the room screaming. Samuel came back after ransacking his fathers gun and liquor cabnet. “Imma send you back to hell filled with the silver bullets from Val Helsing!” And you people wonder why Samuel isn’t in any haunted gaming episodes. I demanded that he give me his gun, poor little Samuel is like tails. Acts hard but submissive at heart. He did pull the trigger but no special bullets came out. I lift my white glove in the air and snapped my fingers. His eyes started to bleed realistic cherry black hyper blood. It was like glitches from a video game pouring out onto the carpet.

Did sonic really come out of the t.v?

“Mudahar!” I could see that little boy Mudahar running threw my third eye, he was clear a mile away leaving his cohost to drain like a lobster having its soul drained out threw the boiling pot. “I want to eat your fear Samuel” He was twitching slowing in the 8 bit blood. I got on my knees and like a spider sucked up all the blood, bones, organs, nerves. He gave a small struggle but not much. My stomach is shaped in the form of a pentagram which makes whatever I eat satanic. I rolled up my straw tongue and shoved it back into my mouth. --- Mudahar: Dude! Dude! HELP! I need you to call the police! Man at door: Is this about that tails doll crap again? Why do you smell like shit!? Mudahar: *Sobbing* I’m so sorry… The police arrived at the property where beloved Samuel lost his life, his parents we’re devastated. Sonic was standing there frozen with a big Chelsie grin. 8 bit blood dripped from his fangs. The police, EMT’s and SWAT we’re baffled. They couldn’t locate the whereabouts of Samuel nor the one who kidnapped him. They carefully searched around and behind sonic while he stood frozen. SWAT Agent: We apologize ms. And mr. Sameuls parents. We’re having a loss on this one. THE END


Just as the screen warped and shot sonic threw

Sonic 2

The "Banned" episode which was to be Episode one of creepy gaming