Post 1 Edit

My name is Liam Henson. I am 16 years old. I have blond hair with a dark blue sweater, black jeans and black and white sneakers at the time of posting this. At school, the strangest thing happened.

It was lunchtime, I was alone, as usual, when the power went out for a few seconds. When it went back on,  the lunch lady was gone. I checked if she was asleep, because when it's dark, she sleeps. But instead, there was a doll that looked just like her. I assumed this was a prank. The power went out again, then it went back on. My girlfriend, Kiara, was replaced my a lookalike doll, too! At this time I knew it wasn't a prank. Something wrong is going on...

4 days later... Edit

Lately, I have been experiencing nightmares. And its the same every time! A bloody girl that looked like she was 5 would always come to me and say, "Wanna play?" Before she would do anything bad to me, I'd always wake up. Have you guys had something like this happen before?

Post 2 Edit

Remember the dolls from yesderday? Well, I'm starting to hear voices from them that sound just like their regular, human selves.

"Liam... free us..."

"For me, Liam..."

"Help us, Lioam..."

"Only you can stop this..."

I have no idea what they mean, but they want me to save them from something... And I don't know what...

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