Hello so one of my friends has a garage sail so i went to the garage sail and he was selling a sonic game so i got the game and he say's its SUPER SPOOKY and i say NO. i bought the game and went home. but the main menu didn't say Sonic the hedgehog it said Sunik the Hooj-hog and it had goofy graphics and their was no back ground. SPOOKY. So i press start and it take me to game. but it look so weird it have goofy graphics and no background. it was super spooky wow. So i walk forward and i run into myself :O OMG OMG OMG OMG OGM!!!11!111 i WAS SPOOKED. then i was at a place full of FIRE and then i got pooped on. i was a poop and i went forward and...I saw a toilet. then i was at a place and it looked like a spooky bathroom...then i walk forward and i was a toilet!!

then i was taken to a place that was COMPLETLEY purple i could not take any more snapshot but you know what it looked like. i walk forward and into darkness and it show sonic (or sunik) SHOWING EGGMAN HOW TO DANCE!! THEN THE GAME CRASHED. here are some pics i took from the game. spooky.