It was a normli day 4 me. i went to my frinds garge sale. there was man sellng super mario brothers for nintendo ness. "be carefulll small 1' he told me."tha game is spooky.". "I will buy it i play it 8 10000 tims its not spook." i bot the game and wet hom. i put the cartige into the ness. this music is difrant 4 som reson i thot. its probly glich. instead of mario, there was a red character, PUrE red. man this game is glichy. i herd screming come from my parent room. "wat was tat?" i go upstair to chek. then i had a hart atak. my parnts was kill. it sid on the walls "finsh gam if u want to live". after 2 hours i beat mario. bowser come into my room. he said he will eat donkeg. then my head was gon.